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Spices in a white bowl
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Homemade Mexican Spice Blend


Spice Spice Baby!!! This homemade Mexican spice blend is so versatile, I put it on everything! From soups, sauces and chilis to roasted vegetables, fries or baked potatoes. I’ve even been known to put this on my popcorn!!! Ready to make some Mexican spice? A great perk to making this […]

vegan parmesan cheese in a glass container
Condiments and Dressings, Recipes

Vegan Parmesan Cheese


One of the first things my husband asked me when we decided to go plant based was…”but what about cheese?” Well let me tell you, this vegan parmesan cheese recipe is not only the perfect plant based substitution for parmesan, it is actually better! Personally, I put this magic dust […]